Amazon Alexa on App Quiz - Customers (Android users only) can talk to Alexa by just

Customers (Android users only) can now access Alexa on their Amazon shopping app?


Q2. Customers (Android users only) can talk to Alexa by just

Tapping on the MIC Icon next to the shopping cart
Searching for Alexa
Clicking on Cart icon in the top right section of the App
Clicking on Amazon logo in upper left section of the App

Q3. Which of the following can you ask Alexa to do this festive season?

Alexa, play bollywood songs
Alexa, pay my mobile bill
Alexa, take me to games
All of the above

Q4. Android users can ask Alexa to play music by

By artist. Alexa, play music by Diljit Dosanjh
By playlist. Alexa, play bollywood music
By movies. Alexa, play Kabir Singh songs
All of the above

Q5. Which of the following ways can Alexa help you enjoy the festive season?

Alexa, light a cracker
Alexa, open Ramayan Katha
Alexa, give me besan barfi recipe
All of the above

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